Lectures on Celebrities and Celebrations (CAC)

Board for IT Education Standards (BITES) proposes

Celebrity is the fame and public attention accorded to individuals or groups for their outstanding contributions, sacrifices, inventions, innovations, or thinking abilities. BITES has initiated a program called “Celebrities and Celebrations (CAC)”, a lecture series, to create an awareness among its stakeholders about the contributions of the celebrity and a brief account of the life of the celebrity. A brief writeup is given below about this program:

Celebrities and Celebrations (CAC)

Knowledge as well as wisdom, in general, science, technology as well as engineering, in particular, are built on works by successive generation of intellectuals. Much of this work requires an intellect of the highest order, single minded approach to the problem at hand, undaunting persuasion of the subject, working against many adversities like lack of facilities, support and even appreciation.

While millions of people have contributed to build this knowledge, there are some landmark observations, discoveries, and inventions that are the base for this growth of knowledge, understanding and wisdom. Without these “game changing” discoveries, the world would not be what it is today. These ideas completely break away from the past and provide a totally new world view that subsumes the past. In fact, many of these even seem counterintuitive in the beginning.

Remarkable minds that are responsible for these trail blazes are the CELEBRITIES. They are from diverse fields like science, mathematics, literature, economics, sociology and others. It is important for everyone to learn lessons from these minds who contributed to the world as we know today. It is important to understand what they contributed and how they contributed and under what circumstances they contributed.

Celebrities and Celebrations is a mild attempt to do this. It is a short programme of about an hour, preferably, on the birth day of a celebrity, that attempts to highlight the contributions of the celebrity and a brief account of the life of the celebrity.

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