Fifth CAC Lecture on Sir M Visvesvaraya

Fifth CAC lecture Sir M Visvesvaraya was held on September 16, 2019 at 4.00 PM, at PES University, Bengaluru

Speaker: Dr Arathi V B

Sir MV is not only one of the greatest intellects and engineers Indian has produced, he is also one of the finest examples for work excellence, professionalism, ethics and commitment.

A study of his life and achievements, engineering acumen, diligent planning and work style instantly win immense admiration and make every Indian proud and grateful. His crystal-clear character, nobility and profoundness command great reverence from all quarters.

In modern India, academics focus more on imparting subject information and less on value addition. While even mediocre ideas from the west win immediate attention, native achievers and indigenous research, seldom win the limelight and acknowledgement that they rightly deserve.

Lack of factual information is of course the main reason. It would therefore be most appropriate to thus educate young minds about Sir MV’s life and achievements. That would inspire patriotism and work ethics and urge young minds to work towards higher goals in life.

The present talk, apart from imparting information about the major work and achievements of the stalwart, shall focus upon the attitude and work ethics of Sir MV that enabled him to work like a ‘one-man institution’ towards the empowerment of the Indian society.

About the speaker:

Dr Arathi V B is well known in the fields of academic research, Behavioural and Soft-skills training, Counselling and Samskrtam.

She is -

  • Founder & Chairperson of Vibhu Academy, a centres for Softskills training,
  • research & teaching of Indian studies and Lay counselling.
  • Consultant faculty, ACT, Bangalore.
  • Former Member, Advisory board, VIIS Mysuru
  • Former Trustee, Youth for Seva (YFS) organization
  • Taught in VVS and NMKRV colleges Bengaluru
  • Guest Faculty in Performing Arts Department, Jain University, Bengaluru

With a qualification of MA (music), MA & PhD (Sanskrtam) and Training in Lay Counselling and child developmental psychology, Dr Arathi has been teaching Sanskrtam and Indian knowledge forms to hundreds of students in India and abroad from the last 19 years.

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