Seventh CAC Lecture on Noam Chomsky

Seventh CAC Lecture on Noam Chomsky was held at  MCA Seminar Hall, PESU Campus, 100 Feet Ring Road, BSK III Stage, Bengaluru - 560 085, on December 07, 2019, at 10.30 AM.
The Resource Person had been Dr. Kavi Mahesh, Director, IIIT-Dharwad.

cac71.jpgThe department of MCA, PES University, organised the 7th CAC, Celebrities and Celebrations, in association with BITES, at the MCA Seminar Hall, PES University, RR Campus, on 7th December 2019 at 10.30 AM.
The celebrity of the month was Prof. Naom Chomsky, the living legend and the Father of modern linguistics.  Dr. Kavi Mahesh, Director, Indian Institute of Information Technology, Dharwad, was the speaker of the day. Dr.Lekha, Professor from the department of Computer Applications welcomed the guests and introduced the speaker.  
Dr. Kavi Mahesh, started with the Chomsky’s journey of understanding human language and its varieties.  He mentioned about Chomsky’s idea of Cognitive learning.  He further expressed his views of learning languages among human beings and animals.  The snippet of a parrot responding to a human verbally, became a food for thought to discourse on capacities and capabilities of human and animal learning languages.
He also highlighted about the cognitive learning study based on Nature Vs Nurture.  He went on to explain how Chomsky analysed the concept to conclude that, both has an impact on language learning.
cac72.jpgHe also put forward the popular theory of Prof. Naom Chomsky, which believes, there is one Universal language which follows basic principles and parameters.  The study on Universal language theory, took transitions based on rules and certain exceptions.  He also clearly explained the Chomsky hierarchy of cognitive learning with a clear distinction between context free and context sensitive languages.
Mr. Santosh Katti, Professor from department of Computer Applications gave away the vote of thanks.  Dr. KNB Murthy, Vice-Chancellor, PES University and Chairman, BITES, along with Prof. M.N.Chennabassppa, Director, SIT Tumkur, and former Chairman, BITES, handed over the token of appreciation to the distinguished speaker, Dr. Kavi Mahesh.

About the Speaker:

Dr. Kavi Mahesh is the Director of the Indian Institute of Information Technology, Dharwad. Previously, he was the Dean of Research at PES University, Director of the World-Bank funded Research Centre for Knowledge Analytics and Ontological Engineering – KAnOE and a Professor of Computer Science. His areas of interest are knowledge management, data analytics, epistemology, ontology, classification studies and text processing. He has three US patents and has published two books, 16 book chapters and 80 papers. Notable among these are the textbook Theory of Computation: A Problem-Solving Approach (Wiley India, 2012) and Ten Steps to Maturity in Knowledge Management (Elsevier Pub. UK, 2006). He was earlier with Oracle Corporation, USA and New Mexico State University and has consulted in the area of Knowledge Management with Infosys, Hewlett Packard, United Nations and He holds an M. Tech. in Computer Science from the Indian Institute of Technology, Bombay (1989) and an MS (1991) and a PhD (1995) in Computer Science from Georgia Institute of Technology, USA.

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