The Board for IT Education Standards (BITES) is an autonomous body and a non-profit society promoted by the Government of Karnataka, in association with educational institutions and IT Industries in Karnataka, in order to enhance the quality of IT education and help build quality manpower for the IT industry. Set up in June 2000, BITES is an ISO 9001:2015 certified organization.

BITES promotes, encourages, and deep dives into industry-academia equations on a number of platforms. It is this equation which will differentiate winners from losers. This is more so because of the exponential changes and transformations taking place in the tech space. Industry relevance of education is the only mantra for survival in the TED-Age. BITES is the quintessential bridge to help in bringing together academia-industry and in setting benchmarks, in line with industry expectations. BITES is the way forward and partnering with it is imperative for every teaching institute, benefiting both the faculty and the student community.

Key Activity Areas:
Advice on Policy, Challenge / Competitions and Awards, Curriculum Development, Faculty Development, Databases, Industry–Institute Interaction, Institutional Development, IT Education Standards, Leadership Development.

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