Goals and Objectives

BITES has the following goals and objectives:

  • Help Karnataka at the forefront of IT education, to keep pace with global trends in IT education and make Karnataka a preferred IT destination in the country;
  • Promote excellence and enhance quality of IT education being delivered at engineering colleges offering IT programs of study;
  • Enhance employment opportunities available to students by organizing talks, seminars, and workshops by experts;
  • Hosting Awareness Workshops/Lectures about overseas education for students by experts;
  • Organize Faculty Skill up-gradation programs;
  • Network member organizations to facilitate knowledge sharing;
  • Facilitate better Industry-Institute interaction; and
  • Provide information about the institute in BITES website www.bites.org.in.
  • To encourage the creation of special interest groups to work on specific topics of interest and participate in various activities like Curriculum development, Creation of Online Courseware and so on.


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