NINTH CAC Lecture on "Fourier - The Analyst"

Held online over Zoom, on September 22, 2020, 9.30 AM.

About Joseph Fourier (Life and Works of Fourier)

From his initial intention of becoming a priest, Jean Baptiste Joseph Fourier (1768-1830) donned several hats during his life - those of a mathematician, physicist, engineer, revolutionary, and a political associate of Napoleon - but remaining all along absorbed in mathematics. His legendary memoir, "Theorie analytique de la chaleur", (Analytic Theory of Heat), though marred initially by several controversies, triggered almost one hundred and fifty years of research in analysis reaching its crescendo in 1966 when L. Carleson proved the decisive convergence theorem for Fourier series. (Carleson was awarded the prestigious Abel prize in 2006). Fourier’s ideas became a powerful tool in the hands of the engineers - the role of Fourier Analysis in Signal Processing being one of the most significant applications and the catalyst for the transformation of our world to a digital world. His ideas are typical of the unity and generality of mathematics and its influences are a great illustration of what the Nobel Laureate Eugene Wigner called, “Unreasonable effectiveness of mathematics”. In this talk an attempt will be made to briefly review the inspiring life and works of Fourier.


About the Speaker


Professor R. Vittal Rao has M.Sc. degree in Mathematics from Mysore University (Central College) and Ph.D. degree in Mathematics from Purdue University, USA. He was a faculty in the Department of Mathematics at IISc for more than three decades and served as a Professor and Chairman of the Department. Since his retirement he is associated with the Department of Electronic Systems Engineering at IISc. He has held

  • Visiting Faculty positions at Purdue University and Iowa State University, USA;

  • Visiting Scientist at the International Centre for Theoretical Physics at Trieste, Italy;

  • Association with the Department of Civil and Hydraulic Engineering; Department of Computer Science and Automation at IISc; and Department of Mathematics at IIT Madras.

He specializes in the areas of Analysis, Linear Algebra and applications of Mathematics. He enjoys teaching Mathematics and is the recipient of the Teaching Excellence Award at IISc.

Tuesday, September 22, 2020
Dayananda Sagar University, Bengaluru
Prof. Vittal Rao, Former Professor, IISc
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