Instructional School on AI and ML

Date: March 23-25, 2023
Venue: The Kotak IISc AI-ML Center, Department of CDS, IISc, Bengaluru



A 3-day Faculty Development programme on “AI and ML for researchers” was organized by BITES in association with IISc at IISc, Bengaluru from March 23-25, 2023.

The Kotak IISc AI-ML Centre (KIAC) has been established with financial support from the Kotak Mahindra Bank Limited (KMBL) through a corporate social responsibility (CSR) grant.

The Instructional school was organized for the faculty of various Engineering colleges of Karnataka with the objective of introducing AI-ML concept from the Industry perspective and how to leverage the benefits of AI-ML to academics and research.

The Programme started with opening remarks from Prof. Sashikumar Ganeshan Co-convener of KIAC. He spoke about role of Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Data Science in different domains like E-commerce, Healthcare, Business, etc.

Summary of Sessions:

  •     Mr. Deepak discussed various aspects of Machine Learning (ML) with concepts and applications.
  •     Prof. Sundeep Prabhakar Chepuri from department of ECE, IISc. discussed about evolution of Neural networks and Deep learning concepts
  •     Mr. Abhishek kumar Singh from Materials research centre, IISc gave a presentation on Generative Adversarial Networks (GANs) and its   applications.
  •     Prof. R. Venkatesh Babu from department of CDS, IISc, highlighted about AI-ML in Computer Vision applications like image captioning, semantic segmentation etc
  •     Ms. Shachi Dave from Google Research India, spoke about Recontextualizing Fairness in Natural Language Processing (NLP) and perturbation analysis.
  •     Prof. Viraj Kumar from IISc gave insights into different aspects of AI-ML in day-to-day applications.
  •     A panel discussion with the theme “Think AI-Think Multimodal” was part of the programme with Dr Bharath Mohan, Prof. Viraj Kumar and Prof. Gowri Sivastava

There was Hands-on sessions on all the days from Mr. Thivinanandh and team using GitHub AI programming tool Co-pilot with VSCode.

To conclude, the theory sessions were informative and helpful for the participants. Hands-on sessions were very interactive and gave insight into different AI tools for teaching and research.